Tommy Kirby

Podcast Notes

Tommy Kirby is a product of Knoxville, Tennessee and the owner of 1st Choice Home Inspections.

What you may not know is that Tommy is a world traveler, visiting China, Thailand, Philippines, Canada, Peru, and many other countries. In this episode, Tommy talks about how he traveled to Africa, built a commercial fishing boat, hired a crew, and start a fishing business; only to lose it due to circumstances beyond his control.

But that’s not all, Tommy reaches back to share about getting suspended from high school for 45 days, his brush with the law, living life without fear, going to Navy Seal training, becoming a Realtor, building a large real estate portfolio, losing it all, then starting over again mowing lawns.

He talks about his awesome wife Alison, adopting five wonderful children, and gives us a glimpse into his life as a home inspector.

This conversation was recorded in November 2019.

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