Wayne Bowman at the Piano (circa 1957)

Podcast Notes

Joseph Wayne Bowman is the father of six, including the host, Marc W. Bowman. Yes, that “W” is Wayne. Dad turned 80 in March, and he has quite a life to share.

Growing up in a small two bedroom house in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Dad was the third of seven children, all boys. As you can imagine, there are lots of stories.

Wayne was just a junior in high school when he joined The Nite Riders band. They purchased a bus and traveled all over the south playing clubs and schools. Although Dad is no longer with the band, The Nite Riders still play along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with much younger members I might add.

After graduating from high school, in August 1958, Wayne married Hilda, who would be by his side until her passing on her birthday in December 2016.

From touring with a band as a teenager to becoming a successful insurance executive, he has lived an exciting life.

This episode was recorded in November 2019.

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