Introducing: Autobiography Podcast™ with Marc W. Bowman

Podcast Notes

Hi, I’m Marc Bowman, and I love hearing people tell their stories. My father had six brothers, and at family gatherings the stories kept coming, one after the other. Laughter would fill the room as everyone shared their point of view. My mamaw and papaw would sit back and moderate, interjecting to correct the story when needed.

I learned a lot about life listening to these stories. More often than not, I was challenged by what I heard. “What awesome people,” I thought. No, they weren’t perfect, far from it. None of us are. But their lives inspired me. They modeled that you can achieve something if you work at it. And they had fun doing it. Lots of fun!

Autobiography brings the stories of life to you. Our guests range from everyday, not-so-famous people to the more well known, maybe even famous. Put your buds in, sit back, and enjoy listening to our guests’ life stories, in their own words.

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